Olympic Casino Jackpots in poker tournaments and cash games

Jackpot information and terms and conditions in the Olympic Park Casino poker room cashgame area.

  1. The Olympic Poker Jackpot is accumulated and the jackpot can only be won at a cashgame table with a minimum of 6 players and if:
    • In flop games, the flop is open
    • In Stud games, a second open card is exposed.
  2. The jackpot is available in all Club Poker games.
  3. For each game that meets the criteria mentioned in point 1, the dealer will withdraw €1 of the jackpot money from the bank, which will accumulate in the Olympic Poker Jackpot.
  4. The jackpot will be deemed to be the jackpot balance at the end of the previous casino day (no later than 07:00).
  5. There are 2 Jackpots - Bad Beat Jackpot and Royal Flush Jackpot.
  6. In the case of a Bad Beat Jackpot, 60% of the Jackpot will be awarded as a win. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be awarded in the event of a poker "showdown" situation where two or more hands qualify for the JP payoff. In the event that more than two or more players have the same JP qualifying hand, they will split the proportion of the JP that their hands qualify for.
  7. The combinations that qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot are as follows:
    • Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo - Player must lose by at least a four of kind or higher.
    • 5 Card Omaha and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo and Courchevel - Player must lose by at least a four of Kings or higher.
    • Texas Hold'Em and Crazy Pineapple - Player must lose with at least a house of three aces and a pair of Jacks or higher.
    • Both losing and winning hands must contain at least two of the player's own cards!
    • Seven Card Stud - Player must lose with a house of at least three aces and any pair or better.
    • Sökö (5 Card Stud)- Player must lose with a minimum of a five-card flush with the highest card being the King or better.
  8. Payouts for Bad Beat Jackpot are as follows:
    • A losing hand that meets the Jackpot payout criteria will be paid 30% of the current Jackpot standings.
    • A winning hand that qualifies for the Jackpot payout will be paid 15% of the current  Jackpot score.
    • The remaining 15% will be shared between the players who participated in that hand.
  9. Royal Flush Jackpot is required to win:
    • The player's combination of "Royal Flush";
    • In Texas Hold'Em and Texas Pineapple, the player must use two cards from the hand.
  10. In the case of a Royal Flush Jackpot, €500 will be awarded as a prize regardless of the game played. If the Olympic Poker Jackpot is less than €2,500, 20% of the Jackpot will be shared.
  11. The casino reserves the right to run tournaments during promotions where no money is collected from the bank for the jackpot and where no jackpot can be won.
  12. All combinations that qualify for the Jackpot (Royal Flush, Bad Beat) will only count if players have used two cards from their hand.

Jackpots in poker tournaments

There are a variety of Jackpots available in many of the tournaments at Olympic Casino. Regular Jackpot tournaments chasing ultra-high poker combinations are held not only in the Olympic Park Casino poker room, but also in the Olympic, Mustika, Järve, Tartu and Narva gaming rooms.

In the Olympic Park Casino, Tartu, Olympia, Mustika and Järve poker rooms, 80% of the jackpot is won by the player who wins the Royal Flush, while 20% of the jackpot is won by the player who wins the Straight Flush. In Narva, 80% of the Jackpot is won by a combination of fours.

The jackpot is accumulated from the money players buy in, of which €5 goes into the Jackpot fund. Jackpot fund sizes can be found in the tournaments section.

From the buy-ins of the Narva tournaments, €5 will go to the Quads JackPot fund and will be shared by quads owners. In the first week, a quadruple counts, if it doesn't, then the following week, in addition to the quadruple, 80% of the accumulated Jackpot will be won with a triple, and so on, each week adding another quadruple combination until the jackpot is won, after which the counting starts all over again.

NOTE: At least one hole card must be used to form a different Jackpot combination, the hand must reach the river but does not have to go to showdown - in a situation where other players have folded, showing a combination is sufficient.