No Limit Texas

13.04.2013 17:00
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information
Freezeout. Tournament will be held in Finnish language. Special 10€ match play offer for Finnish players at casino games.
6693 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 remrem123 Estonia 2,007.90 €
2 eddi Estonia 1,405.53 €
3 Joonas Y. Finland 950.41 €
4 Stanislav S. Estonia 702.77 €
5 Risto H. Finland 501.98 €
6 Vadim Guk Estonia 381.50 €
7 Kalle L. Finland 301.19 €
8 Khaled H. Finland 240.95 €
9 agressor777 Estonia 200.79 €
Alexander Z. Russia
Anna-Maria L. Finland
annelii Estonia
Argo G. Estonia
Ari M. Finland
Daniel Negreanu Estonia
Eva-Maria T. Finland
Heivo M. Estonia
Henry R. Finland
Irina R. Finland
Jaanus V. Estonia
Jani H. Finland
Janne L. Finland
Janne L. Finland
Janne P. Finland
Jarmo J. Finland
Jarmo J. Finland
Jarno L. Finland
Juha L. Finland
Jyri J. Finland
Kristo K. Estonia
laks Estonia
LIISKI65 Finland
Linnukas Estonia
LogiCall Sweden
LuckyDevil Estonia
Marianne L. Finland
Marjatta L. Finland
Martin T. Estonia
Mati P. Estonia
Matias V. Finland
Mikko M. Finland
muru Estonia 1 Estonia 1. Estonia 10 Estonia 11 Estonia 12 Estonia 13 Estonia 14 Estonia 15 Estonia 16 Estonia 17 Estonia 18 Estonia 19 Estonia 2. Estonia 20 Estonia 3. Estonia 5. Estonia 6 Estonia 7 Estonia 8 Estonia 9 Estonia
OuZey Finland
Pasi R. Finland
Pasi S. Finland
Rätti Finland
Rein K. Estonia
Risto L. Finland
Risto M. Estonia
Roman S. Estonia
Sami H. Finland
Samu L. Finland
Sanni T. Finland
Seppo L. Finland
Taisto S. Finland
The man Estonia
TroubleMaker Estonia
Vesa V. Finland
Virgo L. Estonia
White baribal Estonia