Event #32 Pot Limit Omaha 4 & 5 Cards Deepstack Turbo

27.07.2019 19:00
330.00 €
Tallinn Summer Showdown
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

Unlimited re-entry. Structure - 15 minute levels, late registration/re-entry period 9 levels


3% of the prize pool of this tournament will be withheld to cover the costs of staff

2% of the prize pool of this tournament is set aside for the prize of the Team Competition

One round of each, plays 8 handed!

Starting stack
17955 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Oskari V. Finland 6,150.00 €
2 Ngoc T.A T. Finland 4,220.00 €
3 Antti M. Finland 2,820.00 €
4 Eva J. Sweden 1,750.00 €
5 Joni Tuomas M. Finland 1,300.00 €
6 Kim Torvald K. Finland 940.00 €
7 Stepinjsh Latvia 775.00 €
Aki P. Finland
Antti Kalevi K. Finland
Daragh D. Malta
Endrit G. United Kingdom
George Robert S. United Kingdom
Gjemund J. Norway
Henri K. Estonia
Janne Valtteri M. Finland
Jari K. Finland
Jussi Petteri H. Finland
Kalle Sakari H. Finland
Kasper M. Finland
Kimmo Matias K. Finland
Lars Mikael V. Sweden
Lasse Aspen M. Estonia
Lauri L. Estonia
Linh Phung T. Singapore
Marko Kristian P. Finland
Masoud M. Finland
Mathias Henrik Mikael S. Finland
Matias K. Finland
Matti H. Finland
Mental1st Latvia
Mika Pekka H. Finland
Mikael Tuomas A. Finland
Paolo B. Italy
Peter Warfvinge Sweden
Sampo Mikael L. Finland
Simo-Pekka A. Finland
Stanislav W. Ukraine
Timo Kalevi V. Finland
Timo R. Finland
Tony Petteri I. Finland
Van Hong Quang T. Finland
Vesa Juhani L. Finland
Vesa L. Finland
Ville Finland