Event #18 No Limit Texas Hyper Turbo

25.07.2019 23:00
110.00 €
Tallinn Summer Showdown
Olympic Park Casino
Additional information

Unlimited re-entry. Structure - 10 minute levels, late registration/re-entry period 9 levels 


3% of the prize pool of this tournament will be withheld to cover the costs of staff

2% of the prize pool of this tournament is set aside for the prize of the Team Competition

Starting stack
10260 €


Place Name Country Prize Points
1 Kasper M. Finland 3,070.00 €
2 David L. Spain 2,020.00 €
3 Heikki Juhani P. Finland 1,380.00 €
4 Marko Kristian P. Finland 980.00 €
5 Eero O. Finland 670.00 €
6 Risto P. Finland 540.00 €
7 Amir B. Finland 410.00 €
8 Joni Tuomas M. Finland 350.00 €
9 Tony Petteri I. Finland 300.00 €
10 Antti M. Finland 270.00 €
11 Antti Kalevi K. Finland 270.00 €
Amin A. Finland
Anneelis Estonia
Anton A. Estonia
Conor James O. United Kingdom
Dan Ahti T. Finland
Eero V. Finland
fawk3s Estonia
Guillermo G. Spain
Hannu H. Finland
Indrek R. Estonia
Ingemar Andreas L. Sweden
Jaakko H. Finland
Jaakko K. Finland
Janne Petteri H. Finland
Jari Pekka H. Finland
Joonas H. Finland
Joonas M. Finland
Juho L. Finland
kalle s. Finland
Karev T. Estonia
Kert Hallik Estonia
Laidnis Latvia
Linda Madleena L. Finland
Mathias Henrik Mikael S. Finland
Mati P. Estonia
Matīss C. Latvia
Mette-Marica P. Finland
Miika A. Finland
Mikael Tuomas A. Finland
mr burrito Latvia
Nemo V. Finland
Pasi L. Finland
Peeter T. Estonia
Pyry K. Finland
Ricardo D. Spain
Richard R. United States
Rikke-Pekka Jaakko I. Finland
Sami Aleksi P. Finland
Sampo E.E. A. Finland
Samu Kristian R. Finland
Simo R. Finland
Steven S. 2 Estonia
Tapio M. Finland
Tatu Juhani H. Finland
Teemu Johannes P. Finland
Teemu L. Finland
Teemu S. Finland
Tuukka M. Finland
Valteri L. Finland