888 Tallinn Live

Posted on 08. September 2020

888 Tallinn Live

The 888 Live Tallinn Tournament Series is now written in history books. A total of 16 tournaments were played as part of the festival, with a total of 169 unique players from several different countries.  


The main event, with a buy-in of 888 euros, was attended by a total of 65 unique players (39 foreign players), who also repeatedly used unlimited re-entry options during the three starting days, which meant that the final prize pool was a totally 71,320 euros. This time, the sweetest cream (19,980 euros) was stripped by our neighbor Edijs Laugals from Latvia, who defeated local player Mark Metsla in a heads-up battle. In the very last hand of the tournament, Edijs' king-queen defeated Mark Metsla's pair of tens, hitting two kings on the flop. But despite the loss, Mark still managed to pack 13 550 euros in bags. Mikael Demirörs from Sweden, who had the status of chip leader for a long time, finished third in the final table and received 10,340 euros for a good game.




The Olympic Poker Team would like to thank all the participants who found their way to us during this difficult period. Without You, there is no us.  Thank you and a deep bow to all players.


Winner photo made by Jason Glatzer.