OlyBet Poker Series weekend in Olympic Park Casino

Posted on 20. November 2019

OlyBet Poker Series weekend in Olympic Park Casino

An OlyBet Poker Series weekend with a two-day €100+100+20 buy-in progressive knockout tournament will take place in Olympic Park Casino at the end of January. OlyBet Special Progressive Knockout will start at 24.01 at 19:00 and the first day will conclude after 16 levels of play. The final day will continue the next day at 14:00 alongside with the regular €110 Olybet Poker Series at 17:00.

Progressive knockout tournaments are similar to the regular knockout tournaments, the only difference being, that in the progressive knockout tournament eliminating a player will reward you with 50% of their bounty and the other 50% will be added progressively to your bounty. Therefore the bounty increases constantly when knocking out other players. In general, bounties during the late phase in the progressive knockout tournaments tend to get multiple times bigger than the original bounty, which means knocking out other players becomes very important.

OlyBet Special Progressive Knockout tournament will look like this:

  • €100 from the buy-in will go to the regular prize pool;
  • €100 from the buy-in will go to the bounty prize pool;
  • knocking out a player will give you half of his bounty and the second half will be added to your bounty;
  • the tournament winner will win bounty in addition to the regular prize pool;
  • the first and second place prize money will be the same and only differ by the bounty amount.

Online-satellites for OlyBet Special Progressive Knockout take place every Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00! Qualify now at OlyBet!