New interesting satellites have arrived at Olympic Park Casino!

Posted on 23. July 2019

New interesting satellites have arrived at Olympic Park Casino!

Hit & Run satellites differ from regular satellites drastically. Although the main concept of qualifying to bigger events for lesser price stays the same, the strategies behind Hit & Run satellites are far more interesting. The main objective of regular satellites is to reach the money, therefore it doesn’t matter how many chips you accumulate in order to accomplish your goal. Consequently, regular satellites often include stalling, constant folding, and players tightening up near the money bubble. With Hit & Run satellites, players are more inclined to take risks in order to accumulate chips, which results in more action-packed games.

In Hit & Run satellites, players have to amass 50,000 chips from a starting stack of 5000 to get a ticket. Anytime a player has reached the target amount of chips, he or she will be able to trade it in for a ticket, and the 50,000 chips will be removed from play. Any remaining chips can be used to try for a second seat. If the player wishes to stop playing, the remaining chips will be distributed evenly among all players dealt into the hand. The play continues until all the tickets are awarded from the prize pool. If the prize pool doesn’t divide evenly into integer amount of tickets, then the remaining players will play down to winner for the rest of the prize pool.

You should try out these super fun satellites yourself during Tallinn Summer Showdown in the following events!