EST - FIN Country Challenge 2013!

Posted on 01. August 2013

Dear Poker Players!


Estonian and Finnish poker players are going to have a battle again!

On 20th September the game is on, best poker players from Estonia and Finland will find out which country is better at poker.

The best international accomplishments are so far on Finland´s side but in online poker according to some statistics the Estonian team should be better. The question will get an answer soon.

On last challenge third time in the row Estonian team beat Finland with a score 1465 : 1310.

Heads-up game was between Estonian Kaur M. and Finnish Risto P.In the end Kaur was victorious and also the individual title was won by Estonian.


EST - FIN Country Challenge 2012 winner Kaur M.

Risto P. 2nd place.

All Finnish poker players are welcome to participate. In order to register send an e-mail to:

Qulify online through!

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EST - FIN Country Challenge 2013 tournament details
Date: 20.09.2013 19:00
Buyin: 110 €
Starting stack: 5000 points
First blinds: 25/25
Levels: 30 minutes

NB! There are only 50 seats available for both sides.

Thanks to our cooperation partner!

Good luck and see you at the tournament!

Olympic Poker Club